1,090' Down Four Peaks Trail #130, Mazatzal Mountains Little Saddle Trail #244, Mazatzal Mountains Palo Verde Trail, Bartlett Lake Upper Cliff Dwellings Tour, Tonto National Monument Timber Camp Mountain, Salt River Canyon Parker Creek Trail #160, Sierra Anchas Workman Creek Falls, Sierra Anchas: 571' Up • Vineyard Trail. High clearance is recommended, but not required. 1,475' Down Go straight on the Browns Trail which begins climbing moderately up through the oak, pine and juniper forest. The name Four Peaks is a reference to the four distinct peaks of a north–south ridge forming the massif's summit. The long ¼ mile was an old jeep road to Pigeon Spring. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from October until April. 173.96 m Down, 5.0 mi Difficult. The Four Peaks Trail goes thru two separate sets of Indian ruins, which are mostly similar to Circlestone, with piles of rocks and what appear to be the remains of some rock walls. 5700' (Lone Pine Saddle Trailhead) to 6800' (Lunch), 90% — Arizona Trail passage 20, Four Peaks Trail (some bushwhacking). Trail Description The Four Peaks Wilderness marks itself as a prominent landmark on the eastern skyline of Phoenix. 2,637' Down • The brown basalt glistens with pyrite, while towering ponderosa pine trees poke above the abundant scrub bushes. Trail. Four Peaks Trail Photo. From here a new section of #130 heads north and then west, skirting around Buckhorn Peak. Chillicut Trail #132. Four Peaks Trail - #130: 10.0. Four Peaks OHV Road #143 to Route 188 [CLOSED] is a 26.3 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Fort McDowell, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. This multi-use trail can be used both directions. We’ve driven by Four Peaks countless times on our outings, but had never taken the time to explore this trail, that is not until a couple of weeks ago. 4.8 km Distant views of the Four Peaks lure you in. It’s about 28 miles one way, if you go from Hwy 87 all the way to Hwy 188. 803.87 m Down, 11.2 mi • Trail. • 449.7 m Down. Difficult. Shortly thereafter, the trail reaches a T-intersection with Four Peaks Trail 130. One of the more popular off-road trails in central Arizona is Four Peaks Road (FR 143). Oak Flat Trail #123. December and February 6 Views Last Month 455 Since May 14, 2018 Intermediate. Walk past the sign to the trail junction where Browns Trail #133 leads straight, Four Peaks Trail #130 heads left. The trail drops into Buckhorn Creek and then goes up again, passing Hackberry Creek and finally reaching Granite Spring. After gaining some additional elevation you finally top out at a 'T' junction with the Four Peaks Trail #130 (5.7 miles, 6500 ft), which is also the Arizona Trail. • The trail is primarily used for running, scenic driving, and ohv/off road driving and is accessible year-round. Brown's Trail - #133: 2.0. Trail Name and Number Length, in Miles Difficulty; Hell's Gate Trail - #37: 10.1. Taking other people's content (text, photos, etc) without permission is a copyright violation and Trail. Brown's Peak Trail #133. Hike the Flanks If peak-bagging isn't a must, enjoy the scenery offered by hiking the Four Peaks Trail 130 along the eastern side of the mountain range. Four Peaks Trail goes due south, climbing another 500 feet to level out at around the 5,800-foot line. Contribute. Four Peaks Trail 130:10 miles in long. 328.94 m Down, 9.1 mi Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites. Trail. Something else? CALL US: 888-888-8888 CONNECTING TRAILS As part of the Arizona Trail, the route continues west on the Four Peaks Trail 130 or southwest across Roosevelt Bridge to the Thompson Trail 121. 3,431' Up Four Peaks Trail #130 is part of the network of trails including portions of the AZT and the Pigeon Springs Trail. Hike: This hike takes off from the Oak Flat Trailhead in typical mid-zone vegetation. Mud Spring TH. 1001.49 m Down, 3.0 mi The following trails are in or adjacent to the Hell's Gate Wilderness Area. Please explain. Oak Flat Trail #123. Main trail leads to the top of the peak and is about 20 miles long one way. The eastern and southern sections have steep sections and may be indistinct in some spots. Shortly after, the Amethyst Trail (#253), though poorly maintained during my visit, leads steeply up to the Browns Trail (#133). Easiest. Wherever you're from, you belong here. There’s multiple side trails with many more miles to enjoy! Distance: 4.8 mi (7.7 km) one way to Glacier Point. 1,079' Up Temperatures were markedly cooler than in Mesa, and we hiked through forested spots. • To find the clean up site, travel North on highway 87 to the Four peaks turn off, East from highway 87 between mile markers 203 … Pigeon Trail #134: 2.0. The right turn is well marked, and the road turns to dirt — and washboard — immediately. 805.52 m Up The trail is also difficult along parts of the Buckhorn Ridge. No description for 4 Peaks trail has been added yet! 8.1 km It goes through ponderosa pine forest to its intersection with Four Peaks Trail 130. Trail. Cotton Wood Camp TH. A quick hike from the Oak Flat Trailhead (3650 ft) to the northern section of the Four Peaks Trail #130 (5400 ft). Cairns help direct you across a ravine and onto the show. 2,643' Up Trail Rankings #15 in Tonto National Forest #1,257 in Arizona #39,502 Overall. On average it takes 2 hours17 minutes to complete this trail. Beginning as a moderate incline numerous water bars cross the well defined path. If you know the place and/or have some photos to share, we'd love your help! Four Peaks (Yavapai: Wi:khoba) is a prominent landmark on the eastern skyline of Phoenix.Part of the Mazatzal Mountains, it is located in the Four Peaks Wilderness in the Tonto National Forest, 40 miles (64 km) east-northeast of Phoenix.In winter, Four Peaks offers much of the Phoenix metro area a view of snow-covered peaks. The southwestern area "Sycamore Creek Access" has a large play area with many tall chutes like this cut into the hillside. This is a route that was reconstructed in 1989-90 and is in good condition. Take the Beeline Highway (Arizona 87) north toward Payson, exit on the Four Peaks dirt road. This means we may have to bushwhack in some places to find where the trail goes. 1,090' Up Pigeon Trail #134. 1,079' Down Four Peaks Trail [CLOSED] is a 12.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Roosevelt, Arizona that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The Seward Range is the westernmost hikes in the High Peaks. 18.1 km 174.16 m Up Four Peaks Trail #130. Alder Trail #82. Create Recommended Route or The Oak Flat Trail (#123) led steeply up a sandy trail to a junction with the Pigeon Trail (#134), which I followed to the next junction with the Four Peaks Trail (#130). Four Peaks Trail #130. 21.1 km Based in Tempe, Arizona, Four Peaks has helped define craft beer in the Southwest since its founding in 1996. This trail has very few persons walk on it, so the plants take over the trail. • Four Peaks Trail #130 is a 11.75 mile one way hike with 4,900 feet accumulated elevation gain. Last year we had a great turn out with 130 volunteers. We will be doing the Four Peaks trail (#130), which is the northern end of Arizona Trail passage 20. At 19.0 miles, you’ll arrive in … Four Peaks Trail #130 is part of the network of trails including portions of the AZT and the Pigeon Springs Trail. We may see some black bears, so we need to keep in groups of at least 3 persons. Elevation: 5440 - 5640 feet. It climbs up to the Mills Ridge Trailhead and from here a trail (#130) continues up and reaches the Four Peaks Wilderness boundary. This is about an injury or accident We will be doing the Four Peaks trail (#130), which is the northern end of Arizona Trail passage 20. We may see some black bears, so we need to keep in groups of at least 3 persons. Continue south on the trail towards Four Peaks Trailhead. The sign might be confusing; turn left. Located 33 miles east-northeast of Mesa Arizona. 332.24 m Down, 13.1 mi This dirt road is 19 miles long, it takes about 1 hour each way. Four Peaks Trail Photo. • An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. Time & Distance: Allow about 3-4 hours each way if you follow the entire trail. We will be in the pines, oaks and juniper of Four Peaks. Be the first to rate! A few brief comments are in order about the following trail: Pigeon Trail 134: 2 miles in length. • When you do, you’ll cruise through a hit parade of desert beauty. 449.81 m Up Land Manager: USFS - Tonto National Forest Office, 12.7 mi Add Photo (s) Drop Photo (s) This page is a stub. 9.6 mi (15.5 km) round trip. 20.4 km Chillicut Trail - #132: 2.0. Known for its wilderness and all four peaks are trail-less. NOT OKAY! Trail. You can also access two other trails here, Pigeon #133 and Four Peaks #130. The plants along the trail could be changing color. is a 17 mile popular dirt/gravel road trail located near Phoenix Arizona. • 3,286' Down Being a jerk / offensive? 14.6 km 4 Peaks is a 8 km less popular black singletrack scenic trail located near Aviemore. Four Peaks Trail #130 Intermediate. This trail is at the edge of the pine forest; just below the trail are cactus and desert plants. Being a day hiker I’d only get to three of the four – Seward, Donaldson, Emmons – and Seymour will have to wait for another day. A lesser trail off to the right at 18.9 miles provides an incredible overlook of the surrounding area including Brown’s Peak, Roosevelt Lake, and the trail you just completed. Trail Description Begin the hike at the well marked trailhead #133 (head straignt up, left would take you to Four Peaks Trail 130). Four Peaks rd. Pigeon Trail. These are the seasons to drive Four Peaks Road (Forest Road 143) from State Route 87 (the Beeline Highway) to Theodore Roosevelt Lake. 571' Down Spam? 1,476' Up Oak Flat TH. Mills Ridge TH. 328.87 m Up This hike starts at the intersection of Arizona Trail passages 20 & 21 high on the shoulder of the Four Peak Mountains. As part of the Arizona Trail, the route continues west on the Four Peaks Trail 130 or southwest across Roosevelt Bridge to the Thompson Trail 121. Difficult. This trail is at the edge of the pine forest; just below the trail are cactus and desert plants. Natural Atlas is powered by contributors like you. 332.29 m Up We managed to fill 2 40 yard roll off dumpsters graciously supplied by The Tonto Recreation Alliance. 1045.89 m Up On average it takes 1 hour57 minutes to complete this trail. The trail follows the Precambrian rock (2-3 billion years old), while above us will be volcanic tuff (10 million years old). This mountain bike primary trail can be used both directions and has a hard overall physical rating with a 4,469 ft black diamond climb. The northwest area "Sugarloaf Mountain" has trails winding along the creek banks, … Lone Pine Saddle TH. Cane Spring TH • The second set of ruins we walked thru contained a cairn that someone had set several pottery shards on. • Submit one here. Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls as viewed from halfway up the trail Trail Overview. The trail then leaves the road and follows a ridge top for approximately 1.5 miles where it terminates at the Mills Ridge Trailhead at the end of FR 429. Traveler see the northern and eastern flanks of Four Peaks and then continues southwest along Buckhorn Ridge. Lower Soldier Trail #84. The route begins 26 miles north of Mesa, off SR 87.