Group sizes are limited to 15 people and 25 pack and saddle stock. A wilderness permit is required year-round for backpacking or any other overnight stay in the Yosemite Wilderness. 5-star camping at Upper Buck Lake. A permit is required for overnight trips in Emigrant Wilderness between April 1 and November 30, but they are free and there are no quotas in place. Some require permits all year round, while others only during certain peak seasons. I planned a 3-night trip to Emigrant Wilderness to fish Emigrant Lake and some smaller lakes. A Wilderness Visitor's Permit is required for overnight visits to the Emigrant Wilderness. Others, such as the Desolation Wilderness, require permits for any activity including day hikes. Regulations & Recommendations. I picked up my Emigrant Wilderness permit at the Summit Ranger Station right after it opened at 8:30 am. What was formerly the Emigrant Basin was designated as the Emigrant Wilderness Area (EWA) on January 4, 1975. Hiking Guide to Relief Reservoir Getting Organized. Wilderness Permits. Emigrant Wilderness is located 160 miles west of San Francisco. The 113,000-acre EWA is about 25 miles in length and up to 15 miles in width. A Wilderness Permit is required for every party camping overnight in the Emigrant Wilderness. A wilderness visitor permit is required for all overnight trips into the wilderness. You can pick one up … Emigrant Wilderness Emigrant Wilderness. Some areas, such as the Emigrant Wilderness, only require permits for overnight trips in the back country. Wilderness Permits for the hike to Relief Reservoir can be picked up at the Summit Ranger Station near Pinecrest or the Bridgeport Ranger Station in Bridgeport. Permits. Offices. I also planned to do some off-trail exploration in the high country. Chewing Gum Lake is a beautiful little camping spot not far inside the Emigrant Wilderness. It is bordered by Yosemite National Park on the south, the Hoover Wilderness Area on the east, and Hwy 108 and the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness Area on the north. There are several ranger stations where permits may be picked up and they can leave your permit out if you are arriving after hours. Park at the trailhead parking lot a quarter mile before you reach Kennedy Meadows.Pick up last minute supplies at the Kennedy Meadows Resort store. Wilderness Permits are required to enter Emigrant Wilderness, but unlike other popular areas, there is currently no quota system in place (and they’re free). The 4.5-miles hike to Chewing Gum Lake passes among wildflowers and has panoramic views of … Since there are no trailhead quotas limiting the number of people who may enter each trailhead in the Emigrant Wilderness (except Kibbie Ridge/Lake), you do not need to reserve your permit ahead of time unless you are picking it up after hours. Vehicles are not permitted in wilderness areas. Only one permit is required for trips which are continuous and pass through more than one Wilderness. Explore Desolation Wilderness Permit in Eldorado National Forest, California with Located in California's beautiful eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Inyo National Forest offers challenging trails, high mountain peaks, and unparalleled views. It takes about 3h to get there (via PineCrest) Permit: Permits are required for any overnight trip in Emigrant wilderness. Forest Orders 03-20-15 and 19-20-11 that closed Desolation to overnight camping have been rescinded. It's not a fishing lake, but it can have spectacular sunsets and offers good swimming. Explore Inyo National Forest - Wilderness Permits in Inyo National Forest, California with One permit is required per trip per group. There is NO quota though, and permits are free! Overnight permits are available to book starting Nov. 10,